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Tidy Tip Tuesday: Shine it up!

Hi! Welcome to Green Genies' Tidy Tip Tuesday! This week we have a quick little tip for you and your plumbing fixtures. One of the easiest ways to really give your cleanings a luxe finish is to shine up the hardware of your faucets and showers. It is a simple action, but really brings a finished look to your hard work! Removing the finger smudges and water spots from your chrome or brushed-finish fixtures is a surprisingly effective way to add a little wow!factor. (A handy tip to remember if you're doing a quick tidy before company is on its way!) To perform this simple process, just spritz a little Tidy Thyme Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner onto a clean...

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Wellness Tip: Eat your Weeds!

Ah, the sun is out, the grass and trees are finally green. What a blissful time to be outside, to garden and take care of a little patch of earth. Your perennials have woken up from their winter slumbers, and you’re getting your first crops in the ground. Things are verdant and glorious, and it is a wonder to be alive in the sunshine and fresh air and birdsong. It’s time to plant some annuals, mulch some garden beds, and, inevitably, deal with weeds. Now, to be fair, a weed is nothing more than a plant that grows where you don’t want it to be growing. My oregano, for instance, is something that I remove weeds from in one section...

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Hooray! Spring is finally warm and sunny!

Oh, *there* you are, sun! After what seems like an eternity of chilly rain and cloudy skies, are we ever glad to see you! Spring is such a season of anticipation, it can be tough to accept the process as it unfolds. We’re waiting and waiting for it to finally be warm and sunny and nice enough. But the wait is over! We’re there! The trees have greened up, the lilacs are blooming, and maybe, just maybe, we’re all done with jackets during the day. (But yum, a sweater in the evening... perfect.) Make sure you are treating yourself to the experience of this glorious warmth, feeling the sun’s rays on your face and gentle breezes wafting on your skin....

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Tidy Tip Tuesday: Cleaning your microwave

Okay, okay. We admit it, our blog needs a little love.So, we're going to be starting our series of Tidy Tip Tuesdays, helpful How-Tos that will show you how easy it can be to green-clean! The posts feature products by our sister company, Tidy Thyme, which we created based on the formulations Green Genies uses in our clients' homes. Let's start in the kitchen, with a nice, easy job: The Microwave! Ah, the microwave. The champion of reheating leftovers. These convenient appliances can be a great help in eating healthily on a tight schedule. But they can also be the site of some spectacular explosions of marinara sauce. So let's look at a really easy way to get your microwave...

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All-Natural Disinfectant Recipe

While other families were celebrating Easter around a table topped with food, my entire family and I had the pleasure of contracting the ever-dreaded stomach bug. One by one we got sick for up to a full 36 hours after Easter dinner. Sharing is caring, right?  For the moment I'm living with my sister who is - wisely so - a green-cleaning advocate. So you can imagine my shock when, after scouring her cabinets for an all-natural Lysol alternative, I found nothing!  My next option was to search the internet for a quick and easy way to make my own disinfectant. Here is a safer version of Lysol that you can make at home courtesy of The Greenbacks Gal: 1/2 cup Vodka (disinfects)1/2 cup Water15...

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